Coordinates for a sphere layout – Python

We want to create the coordinates for 40 nodes using the sphere layout in igraph, which will then be used on a Pajek file.

Creating the Coordinates

Load the igraph module and create an empty graph, then add the 40 nodes.

>>> from igraph import *

# start an empty graph
>>> g=Graph()

# now add the nodes
>>> g.add_vertices(40)

# we can make sure it's all there
>>> summary(g)
# which returns
IGRAPH U--- 40 0 --

Good, so we have a graph with 40 nodes, and no edges.

Now we can get the coordinates by using the “sphere” layout.

>>> coordinates=g.layout('sphere')

This returns the edges with 3 dimensions, and it looks a bit like this.

# these are just the first two...
[-0.07200622924396105, 0.30781383453391725, -0.9487179487179487]
[-0.44057805038786707, 0.022356017307457007, -0.8974358974358975]

Where each line represents a node and the items represent the x, y, and z coordinates.

Now we can change this to a list so we can extract each of them.

>>> coordList=list(coordinates)

We can now call each of them as we need them.

# I'll just print the first two for now.
>>> for eachCoord in coordList[:2]:
...		xCoord=eachCoord[0]
...		yCoord=eachCoord[1]
...		zCoord=eachCoord[2]
...		print 'x=%f, y=%f, z=%f' % (xCoord,yCoord,zCoord)

# which returns
x=-0.072006, y=0.307814, z=-0.948718
x=-0.440578, y=0.022356, z=-0.897436

Sphere layout in Python igraph

for some stupid reason I can’t get igraph to plot a graph that contains the z coordinates, therefore rendering the “spehere” layout a bit useless.

To solve this, I normally omit the z coordinates when I print out each line.

...		print 'x=%d, y=%d' % (xCoord,yCoord)

# so that it returns
x=-0.072006, y=0.307814
x=-0.440578, y=0.022356

Building the pajek file

I have a dictionary called `nDict’ with the ids and names for each node.

So i can now put that together with the list of coordinates to create the Vertices part of the file…

(I haven’t tested this yet, so I don’t know if it really works.)

# import igraph
from igraph import *

# open the pajek file for writing

# create empty graph and add the nodes

# get the coordinates then turn to list

# # we can now start building the Pajek file
# write the Vertices section
s_vStart='*Vertices %d\n'%len(nDict)

# now we can loop through the nDict and l_coords
for i,j in zip(nDict,l_coords):
    theLine=' '.join([nID,nName,xCoord,yCoord,'\n'])

# close pajek file


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