Coding and Decoding urls – Python

Url addresses can’t have special characters, so some of these are encoded.

An example would be a url that contains spaces, such as

http://www.this is an

Which then gets encoded to

More on url encoding here:

What this means is that if we want to have a list of addresses which have url, you may end up with a few characters that you don’t want.

Using Python’s urllib, however, we can encode and decode.


# we import urllib
from urllib import pathname2url

# this is the page we want to get to
str_page_address = 'this is the page'

# we now encode the address
str_page_address_encoded = pathname2url(str_page_address)

# this is the full url with the uncoded page name
str_full_url = '' % str_page_address_encoded

print str_full_url

This should then return


# we import urllib
from urllib import url2pathname

# we start with the path name
str_full_url = ''

# we get rid of the encoding
str_decode_url = url2pathname(str_full_url)

print str_decode_url

Which should then return

' is the page'


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