Robots Now Taking Your Orders – Python

There was a post on r/technology about robots potentially taking over from humans if the minimum wage rises.

After someone made a comment about robots not being able to spit in your food, u/angryPenguinator replied with a script written in BASIC that describes a robot putting crap on your burger.

10 Take order from meatbag
20 Endure jokes about lack of feels cause robot
30 Tell BurgerBot3000 to insert human excrement in McWhopper
40 Serve to meatbag
50 Ask next meatbag to place order
60 GOTO 10

Now I will try it with python

The Python Code

Haven’t really tested it, so I am not 100% sure if it works.

# Serving a customer
def robotOrder():
    # print welcoming message and ask order
    list_raw_order = raw_input('Welcome, what would you like?')

    # dictionary of complete order
    dict_full_order = {}

    # go through the list of items
    for each_item in list_raw_order:
        # check for drinks
        if each_item=='drink':
            dict_full_order['drink'] = raw_input('What drink would you like?')

        # check for fries
        elif each_item=='fries':
            dict_full_order['fries'] = raw_input('What size would you like?')

        # check for hamburger
        elif each_item=='burger':
            str_cheese = raw_input('Would you like some cheese?')
            dict_full_order['burger'] = [str_cheese]

        # check for insults, and add excrement
        elif each_item==insult:

    # prepare meal
    the_meal = prepareOrder(dict_full_order)

    # serve meal
    return the_meal

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