Range of Dates – Python

This short script will help you create a range of dates that look like this 201203,201205,201306....

# set the date range from the minimum to the maximum
# starting with a list of string dates

def _set_date_range(list_dates):
    # convert all to integers
    list_int_dates = [int(x) for x in list_dates]

    # find minimum
    int_date = min(list_int_dates)

    # output list
    list_output_dates = []
    while int_date < max(list_int_dates):

        # get the last two digits (month)
        int_month = int(str(int_date)[-2:])

        if int_month<12:

        elif int_month==12:

    # return output list
    return list_output_dates

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